CSI Driver installation using Helm

This section provides the details and instructions on how to install the Dell EMC CSI drivers using the provided Helm charts and the Dell CSI Helm Installer.


Installing any of the Dell EMC CSI Drivers using Helm requires a few utilities to be installed on the system running the installation.

Dependency Usage
kubectl Kubectl is used to validate that the Kubernetes system meets the requirements of the driver.
helm Helm v3 is used as the deployment tool for Charts. Go here to install Helm 3.
sshpass sshpass is used to check certain pre-requisites in worker nodes (in chosen drivers).

Note: To use these tools, a valid KUBECONFIG is required. Ensure that either a valid configuration is in the default location, or, that the KUBECONFIG environment variable points to a valid configuration before using these tools.


Installing PowerFlex CSI Driver via Helm


Installing PowerMax CSI Driver via Helm


Installing PowerScale CSI Driver via Helm


Installing PowerStore CSI Driver via Helm


Installing Unity CSI Driver via Helm