Symptoms Prevention, Resolution or Workaround
The installation fails with the following error message:
Node xxx does not have the SDC installed
Install the PowerFlex SDC on listed nodes. The SDC must be installed on all the nodes that need to pull an image of the driver.
When you run the command kubectl describe pods vxflexos-controller-0 –n vxflexos, the system indicates that the driver image could not be loaded. - If on Kubernetes, edit the daemon.json file found in the registry location and add
{ "insecure-registries" :[ "hostname.cloudapp.net:5000" ] }
- If on OpenShift, run the command oc edit image.config.openshift.io/cluster and add registries to yaml file that is displayed when you run the command.
The kubectl logs -n vxflexos vxflexos-controller-0 driver logs show that the driver is not authenticated. Check the username, password, and the gateway IP address for the PowerFlex system.
The kubectl logs vxflexos-controller-0 -n vxflexos driver logs show that the system ID is incorrect. Use the get_vxflexos_info.sh to find the correct system ID. Add the system ID to myvalues.yaml script.
Defcontext mount option seems to be ignored, volumes still are not being labeled correctly. Ensure SElinux is enabled on a worker node, and ensure your container run time manager is properly configured to be utilized with SElinux.
Mount options that interact with SElinux are not working (like defcontext). Check that your container orchestrator is properly configured to work with SElinux.
Installation of the driver on Kubernetes v1.20/v1.21 fails with the following error:
Error: unable to build kubernetes objects from release manifest: unable to recognize "": no matches for kind "VolumeSnapshotClass" in version "snapshot.storage.k8s.io/v1"
Kubernetes v1.20/v1.21 requires v1 version of snapshot CRDs. If on Kubernetes 1.20/1.21 (v1 snapshots) install CRDs from v4.0.0, see the Volume Snapshot Requirements
Driver pods are not ready, with the error message: MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume "log-config" : configmap "driver-config" not found Create the configmap: kubectl create -f logConfig.yaml