powerflex_snapshot_policy (Data Source)

This data-source can be used to fetch information related to the snapshot policies from a PowerFlex array.

Note: Only one of name and id can be provided at a time.

Example Usage

# commands to run this tf file : terraform init && terraform apply --auto-approve
# Reads snapshot policy either by name or by id , if provided
# If both name and id is not provided , then it reads all the snapshot policies
# id and name can't be given together to fetch the snapshot policy

data "powerflex_snapshot_policy" "sp" {

  #name = "sample_snap_policy_1"
  id = "896a535700000000"

output "spResult" {
  value = data.powerflex_snapshot_policy.sp.snapshotpolicies



  • id (String) Unique identifier of the snapshot policy instance to fetch. Conflicts with name.
  • name (String) Name of the snapshot policy to fetch. Conflicts with id.


Nested Schema for snapshotpolicies


  • auto_snapshot_creation_cadence_in_min (Number) Auto snapshot creation cadence in min.
  • id (String) Unique identifier of the snapshot policy instance.
  • last_auto_snapshot_creation_failure_reason (String) Last auto snapshot creation failure reason.
  • last_auto_snapshot_failure_in_first_level (Boolean) Last auto snapshot failure in first level.
  • links (Attributes List) Specifies the links asscociated for a snapshot policy. (see below for nested schema)
  • max_vtree_auto_snapshots (Number) Max vtree auto snapshots.
  • name (String) Name of the snapshot policy.
  • next_auto_snapshot_creation_time (Number) Next auto snapshot creation time.
  • num_of_auto_snapshots (Number) Number of auto snapshots.
  • num_of_creation_failures (Number) Number of creation failures.
  • num_of_expired_but_locked_snapshots (Number) Number of expired but locked snapshots.
  • num_of_locked_snapshots (Number) Number of locked snapshots.
  • num_of_retained_snapshots_per_level (List of Number) Number of retained snapshots per level.
  • num_of_source_volumes (Number) Number of source Volumes.
  • secure_snapshots (Boolean) Secure snapshots.
  • snapshot_access_mode (String) Snapshot Access Mode.
  • snapshot_policy_state (String) Specifies the current state of the snapshot policy.
  • system_id (String) System Identifier.
  • time_of_last_auto_snapshot (Number) Time of last auto snapshot.
  • time_of_last_auto_snapshot_creation_failure (Number) Time of last auto snapshot creation failure.


  • href (String) Specifies the exact path to fetch the details.
  • rel (String) Specifies the relationship with the snapshot policy.