Terraform Provider for Dell - PowerFlex Release Notes 1.0.1


This release note contains supplemental information about Terraform Provider for Dell PowerFlex.

Revision History

The table in this section lists the revision history of this document.

Revision Date History
01 Jan 2023 Release of Terraform Provider 1.0.0 for Dell PowerFlex
02 May 2023 Current release of Terraform Provider 1.0.1 for Dell PowerFlex

Product Description

The Terraform Provider for Dell PowerFlex allows Data Center and IT administrators to use Hashicorp Terraform to automate and orchestrate the provisioning and management of Dell PowerFlex storage systems.

New Features & Enhancements

List of Resources and supported operations in Terraform Provider for Dell PowerFlex

  • SDC Volumes Mapping - Create, Read, Update, Delete, Import

As of Terraform provider for PowerFlex 1.0.0 release, SDCs mapped to volume were getting unmapped while deleting a volume which could result in data loss. In order to avoid such a scenario a new resource “SDC Volumes Mapping” has been introduced in this release.

Steps for using the sdc_volume_mapping resource when upgrading from v1.0.0 to v1.0.1

  1. Upgrade the Terraform provider for PowerFlex from version 1.0.0 to 1.0.1. Refer here for further info.
  2. Set sdc_list attribute to an empty list in all volumes and snapshot resource blocks that had it from before. Run terraform apply. This will cause all SDCs to get unmapped from all volumes and snapshots. Checkout unmapping_all_sdcs_from_volume for further information.
  3. Create necessary sdc_volume_mapping resource blocks to again map all SDCs to the required volumes/snapshots. Refer here for examples on how to create this resource. Remove the sdc_list attribute from the configuration of all volumes and snapshot resource block so that it doesnt interfere with the new resources. Run terraform apply.


  • sdc_list attribute in powerflex_volume and powerflex_snapshot resource

Known Issues

  • Setting the RF cache of the SDS during its creation fails intermittently on PowerFlex version 3.6 with the error “Communication error”.
  • When one resource is dependent on another and resource name is used for provisioning in the dependent resource, modifying the name of resource on which the other resource is dependent results in failure of the dependent resource with the error “Provider produced inconsistent result after apply”. This issue can be found in all resources that can be dependencies: protection_domain, storage_pool, volume, snapshot.
    e.g. Storage pool resource is dependent on the Protection Domain resource. Renaming protection domain results in failure of Storage pool resource with error “Provider produced inconsistent result after apply”.


There are no limitations.


The software package is available for download from the Official Terraform Registry as well as from the Terraform Provider for PowerFlex GitHub page.



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