powerflex_storage_pool (Data Source)

This data-source can be used to fetch information related to the storage pools from a PowerFlex array.

Note: Exactly one of protection_domain_name and protection_domain_id is required.

Note: Only one of storage_pool_names and storage_pool_ids can be provided at a time.

Example Usage

# commands to run this tf file : terraform init && terraform apply --auto-approve
# To read storage pool, either protection_domain_name or protection_domain_id must be provided
# This datasource reads a list of storage pools either by storage_pool_ids or storage_pool_names where user can provide a list of ids or names
# if both storage_pool_ids and storage_pool_names are not provided , then it will read all the storage pool under the protection domain
# Both storage_pool_ids and storage_pool_names can't be provided together .
# Both protection_domain_name and protection_domain_id can't be provided together

data "powerflex_storage_pool" "example" {
  //protection_domain_name = "domain1"
  protection_domain_id = "202a046600000000"
  //storage_pool_ids = ["c98ec35000000002", "c98e26e500000000"]
  storage_pool_names = ["pool2", "pool1"]

output "allsdcresult" {
  value = data.powerflex_storage_pool.example.storage_pools



  • protection_domain_id (String) ID of the Protection Domain from which storage pools will be fetched. Conflicts with protection_domain_name.
  • protection_domain_name (String) Name of the Protection Domain from which storage pools will be fetched. Conflicts with protection_domain_id.
  • storage_pool_ids (List of String) List of storage pool IDs. Conflicts with storage_pool_names.
  • storage_pool_names (List of String) List of storage pool names. Conflicts with storage_pool_ids.


  • id (String) Placeholder identifier attribute.
  • storage_pools (Attributes List) List of fetched storage pools. (see below for nested schema)

Nested Schema for storage_pools


  • address_space_usage (String) Address space usage.
  • address_space_usage_type (String) Address space usage reason.
  • background_scanner_bw_limit_kbps (Number) Background Scanner Bandwidth Limit.
  • background_scanner_mode (String) Scanner mode.
  • bg_scanner_compare_error_action (String) Scanner compare-error action.
  • bg_scanner_read_error_action (String) Scanner read-error action.
  • capacity_alert_critical_threshold (Number) Capacity alert critical threshold.
  • capacity_alert_high_threshold (Number) Capacity alert high threshold.
  • capacity_usage_state (String) Capacity usage state (normal/high/critical/full).
  • capacity_usage_type (String) Usage state reason.
  • checksum_enabled (Boolean) Checksum Enabled.
  • compression_method (String) Compression method.
  • data_layout (String) Data Layout.
  • external_acceleration_type (String) External acceleration type.
  • fgl_accp_id (String) FGL ID.
  • fgl_extra_capacity (Number) FGL extra capacity.
  • fgl_nvdimm_metadata_amotization_x100 (Number) FGL NVDIMM metadata amortization.
  • fgl_nvdimm_write_cache_size_mb (Number) FGL NVDIMM write cache size in Mb.
  • fgl_overprovisioning_factor (Number) FGL overprovisioning factor.
  • fgl_perf_profile (String) FGL performance profile.
  • fgl_write_atomicity_size (Number) FGL write atomicity size.
  • fragmentation_enabled (Boolean) Fragmentation Enabled.
  • id (String) Storage pool ID.
  • links (Attributes List) Specifies the links asscociated with storage pool. (see below for nested schema)
  • media_type (String) Media type.
  • name (String) Storage pool name.
  • num_of_parallel_rebuild_rebalance_jobs_per_device (Number) Number of Parallel Rebuild/Rebalance Jobs per Device.
  • persistent_checksum_builder_limit_kb (Number) Persistent checksum builder limit.
  • persistent_checksum_enabled (Boolean) Persistent checksum enabled.
  • persistent_checksum_state (String) Persistent Checksum State.
  • persistent_checksum_validate_on_read (Boolean) Persistent checksum validation on read.
  • protected_maintenance_mode_io_priority_app_bw_per_device_threshold_kbps (Number) Protected maintenance mode IO priority app bandwidth per device threshold in Kbps.
  • protected_maintenance_mode_io_priority_app_iops_per_device_threshold (Number) Protected maintenance mode IO priority app IOPS per device threshold.
  • protected_maintenance_mode_io_priority_bw_limit_per_device_kbps (Number) Protected maintenance mode IO priority bandwidth limit per device in Kbps.
  • protected_maintenance_mode_io_priority_num_of_concurrent_ios_per_device (Number) Number of Concurrent Protected Maintenance Mode IOPS per Device.
  • protected_maintenance_mode_io_priority_policy (String) Protected maintenance mode IO priority policy.
  • protected_maintenance_mode_io_priority_quiet_period_msec (Number) Protected maintenance mode IO priority quiet period in Msec.
  • rebalance_enabled (Boolean) Rebalance Enabled.
  • rebalance_io_priority_app_bw_per_device_threshold_kbps (Number) Rebalance Application Bandwidth per Device Threshold.
  • rebalance_io_priority_app_iops_per_device_threshold (Number) Rebalance Application IOPS per Device Threshold.
  • rebalance_io_priority_bw_limit_per_device_kbps (Number) Rebalance Bandwidth Limit per Device.
  • rebalance_io_priority_num_of_concurrent_ios_per_device (Number) Number of Concurrent Rebalance IOPS per Device.
  • rebalance_io_priority_policy (String) Rebalance IO Priority Policy.
  • rebalance_io_priority_quiet_period_msec (Number) Rebalance Quiet Period.
  • rebuild_enabled (Boolean) Rebuild Enabled.
  • rebuild_io_priority_app_bw_per_device_threshold_kbps (Number) Rebuild Application Bandwidth per Device Threshold.
  • rebuild_io_priority_app_iops_per_device_threshold (Number) Rebuild Application IOPS per Device Threshold.
  • rebuild_io_priority_bw_limit_per_device_in_kbps (Number) Rebuild Bandwidth Limit per Device.
  • rebuild_io_priority_num_of_concurrent_ios_per_device (Number) Number of Concurrent Rebuild IOPS per Device.
  • rebuild_io_priority_policy (String) Rebuild IO Priority Policy.
  • rebuild_io_priority_quiet_period_msec (Number) Rebuild Quiet Period.
  • replication_capacity_max_ratio (Number) Replication allowed capacity.
  • rm_cache_write_handling_mode (String) RAM Read Cache Write Handling Mode.
  • sds (Attributes List) List of SDS associated with storage pool. (see below for nested schema)
  • spare_percentage (Number) Spare Percentage.
  • use_rf_cache (Boolean) Use Read Flash Cache.
  • use_rm_cache (Boolean) Use RAM Read Cache.
  • volumes (Attributes List) List of volumes associated with storage pool. (see below for nested schema)
  • vtree_migration_io_priority_app_bw_per_device_threshold_kbps (Number) VTree migration IO priority App bandwidth per device threshold in Kbps.
  • vtree_migration_io_priority_app_iops_per_device_threshold (Number) VTree migration IO priority App IOPS per device threshold.
  • vtree_migration_io_priority_bw_limit_per_device_kbps (Number) VTree Migration Bandwidth Limit per Device.
  • vtree_migration_io_priority_num_of_concurrent_ios_per_device (Number) Number of concurrent VTree migration IOPS per device.
  • vtree_migration_io_priority_policy (String) VTree Migration IO Priority Policy.
  • vtree_migration_io_priority_quiet_period_msec (Number) VTree migration IO priority quiet period in Msec.
  • zero_padding_enabled (Boolean) Zero Padding Enabled.


  • href (String) Specifies the exact path to fetch the details.
  • rel (String) Specifies the relationship with the storage pool.

Nested Schema for storage_pools.sds


  • id (String) SDS ID.
  • name (String) SDS name.

Nested Schema for storage_pools.volumes


  • id (String) Volume ID.
  • name (String) Volume name.