Snapshot module of Dell CSI drivers

Volume Snapshot Feature

In order to use Volume Snapshots, ensure the following components have been deployed to your cluster:

  • Kubernetes Volume Snapshot CRDs
  • Volume Snapshot Controller
  • Volume Snapshot Class

Note: From v1.7, the CSI driver installation process will no longer create VolumeSnapshotClass. If you want to create VolumeSnapshots, then create a VolumeSnapshotClass using the sample provided in the /samples/volumesnapshotclass folder under respective drivers.

Creating Volume Snapshots

The following is a sample manifest for creating a Volume Snapshot using the v1 snapshot APIs:

kind: VolumeSnapshot
  name: pvol0-snap1
  volumeSnapshotClassName: csm-snapclass
    persistentVolumeClaimName: pvol0

After the VolumeSnapshot has been successfully created by the CSI driver, a VolumeSnapshotContent object is automatically created. When the status of the VolumeSnapshot object has the readyToUse field set to true, it is available for use.

Note: VolumeSnapshots can be listed using the command kubectl get volumesnapshot -n <namespace>

Volume Group Snapshots

Volume Group Snapshot module of Dell CSI drivers