Volume Group Snapshots

Volume Group Snapshot module of Dell CSI drivers

Volume Group Snapshot Feature

In order to use Volume Group Snapshots, ensure the volume snapshot module is enabled.

  • Kubernetes Volume Snapshot CRDs
  • Volume Snapshot Controller
  • Volume Snapshot Class

Creating Volume Group Snapshots

This is a sample manifest for creating a Volume Group Snapshot:

apiVersion: volumegroup.storage.dell.com/v1
kind: DellCsiVolumeGroupSnapshot
  name: "vgs-test"
  namespace: "test"
  # Add fields here
  driverName: "csi-<driver-name>.dellemc.com" # Example: "csi-powerstore.dellemc.com"
  # defines how to process VolumeSnapshot members when volume group snapshot is deleted
  # "Retain" - keep VolumeSnapshot instances
  # "Delete" - delete VolumeSnapshot instances
  memberReclaimPolicy: "Retain"
  volumesnapshotclass: "<snapshot-class>"
  pvcLabel: "vgs-snap-label"
  # pvcList:
  #   - "pvcName1"
  #   - "pvcName2"

The PVC labels field specifies a label that must be present in PVCs that are to be snapshotted. Here is a sample of that portion of a .yaml for a PVC:

  name: volume1
  namespace: test
    volume-group: vgs-snap-label

More details about the installation and use of the VolumeGroup Snapshotter can be found here: dell-csi-volumegroup-snapshotter.

Note: Volume group cannot be seen from the Kubernetes level as of now only volume group snapshots can be viewed as a CRD

Volume Group Snapshots feature is supported with Helm.