Installation using script

Install Replication Walkthrough

NOTE: These steps should be repeated on all Kubernetes clusters where you want to configure replication.

git clone -b v1.6.0
cd csm-replication
kubectl create ns dell-replication-controller
# Download and modify the default values.yaml file if you wish to customize your deployment in any way
wget -O myvalues.yaml
bash scripts/ --values ./myvalues.yaml

Note: Current installation method allows you to specify custom <FQDN>:<IP> entries to be appended to controller’s /etc/hosts file. It can be useful if controller is being deployed in private environment where DNS is not set up properly, but kubernetes clusters use FQDN as API server’s address. The feature can be enabled by modifying values.yaml.

- ip: ""
    - ""
- ip: ""
    - "foo.baz"

This script will do the following:

  1. Install DellCSIReplicationGroup CRD in your cluster
  2. Install dell-replication-controller

After the installation ConfigMap will consist of only the logLevel field, to add the rest configuration to the cluster do the following:

  • Update the configuration in deploy/config.yaml after going through the guide here
  • Run the following commands to update and complete the installation
    cd csm-replication
    kubectl create configmap dell-replication-controller-config --namespace dell-replication-controller --from-file deploy/config.yaml -o yaml --dry-run | kubectl apply -f -