The CSM Authorization RPM will be deprecated in a future release. It is highly recommended that you use CSM Authorization Helm deployment or CSM Operator going forward.

This section outlines the uninstallation steps for Container Storage Modules (CSM) for Authorization.

Uninstalling the RPM

To uninstall the rpm package on the system, you must first uninstall the K3s SELinux package if SELinux is enabled. To uninstall the K3s SELinux package, run:

rpm -e k3s-selinux

To uninstall the CSM Authorization rpm package on the system, run:

rpm -e <rpm_file_name>

Uninstalling the sidecar-proxy in the CSI Driver

To uninstall the sidecar-proxy in the CSI Driver, uninstall the driver and reinstall the driver using the original configuration secret.