The CSM Observability module for supported Dell CSI Drivers can be installed via the Dell CSM Operator. Dell CSM Operator will deploy CSM Observability, including topology service, Otel collector, and metrics services.


  • Create a namespace karavi
    kubectl create namespace karavi
  • Install cert-manager with Helm
    1. Add the Helm repository
      helm repo add jetstack https://charts.jetstack.io
    2. Update your local Helm chart repository cache
      helm repo update
    3. Install cert-manager in the namespace karavi
      helm install \
        cert-manager jetstack/cert-manager \
        --namespace karavi \
        --version v1.10.0 \
        --set installCRDs=true
    4. Verify installation
      kubectl get pod -n karavi
      NAME                                      READY   STATUS    RESTARTS        AGE
      cert-manager-7b45d477c8-z28sq             1/1     Running   0               2m2s
      cert-manager-cainjector-86f7f4749-mdz7c   1/1     Running   0               2m2s
      cert-manager-webhook-66c85f8577-c7hxx     1/1     Running   0               2m2s
  • Create certificates
    • Option 1: Self-signed certificates

      1. A Sample certificates manifest can be found at samples/observability/selfsigned-cert.yaml.
      2. Create certificates
      kubectl create -f selfsigned-cert.yaml
    • Option 2: Custom certificates

      1. Replace tls.crt and tls.key with actual base64-encoded certificate and private key in samples/observability/custom-cert.yaml.
      2. Create certificates
      kubectl create -f custom-cert.yaml
  • Enable Observability module and components in sample manifests
    • Scenario 1: Deploy one supported CSI Driver and enable Observability module

      • If you enable metrics-powerscale or metrics-powerflex, must enable otel-collector as well.
    • Scenario 2: Deploy multiple supported CSI Drivers and enable Observability module

      • When deploying the first driver, enable all components of Observability module in the CR.
      • For the following drivers, only enable the metrics service, and remove topology and otel-collector sections from the CR.
      • The CR created at first must be deleted at last.