Methods to uninstall Dell CSI Driver

Uninstall a CSI driver installed via Helm

To uninstall a driver, the csi-uninstall.sh script provides a handy wrapper around the helm utility. The only required argument for uninstallation is the namespace name. For example, to uninstall the driver:

./csi-uninstall.sh --namespace <driver-namespace>

For usage information:

./csi-uninstall.sh -h
Help for ./csi-uninstall.sh

Usage: ./csi-uninstall.sh options...
  --namespace[=]<namespace>  Kubernetes namespace to uninstall the CSI driver from
  --release[=]<helm release> Name to register with helm, default value will match the driver name
  -h                         Help

Uninstall a CSI driver installed via Dell CSI Operator

For uninstalling any CSI drivers deployed by the Dell CSI Operator, just delete the respective Custom Resources.
This can be done using OperatorHub GUI by deleting the CR or via kubectl.

For example - To uninstall the driver installed via the operator, delete the Custom Resource(CR)

#Replace driver-type, driver-name and driver-namespace with their respective values

kubectl delete <driver-type>/<driver-name> -n <driver-namespace>