CSM Installation Wizard

Container Storage Modules Installation Wizard

The Dell Container Storage Modules Installation Wizard is a webpage that generates a manifest file for installing Dell CSI Drivers and its supported CSM Modules, based on input from the user. It generates a single manifest file to install both Dell CSI Drivers and its supported CSM Modules, thereby eliminating the need to download individual Helm charts for drivers and modules. The user can enable or disable the necessary modules through the UI, and a manifest file is generated accordingly without manually editing the helm charts.

NOTE: The CSM Installation Wizard currently supports Helm based manifest file generation only.

Supported Dell CSI Drivers

CSI Driver Version
CSI PowerStore 2.7.0
CSI PowerMax 2.7.0
CSI PowerFlex 2.7.1
CSI PowerScale 2.7.0
CSI Unity XT 2.7.0

Supported Dell CSM Modules

CSM Modules Version
CSM Observability 1.5.0
CSM Replication 1.5.0
CSM Resiliency 1.6.0


  1. Open the CSM Installation Wizard.
  2. Select the Installation Type as Helm.
  3. Select the Array.
  4. Enter the Image Repository. The default value is dellemc.
  5. Select the CSM Version.
  6. Select the modules for installation. If there are module specific inputs, enter their values.
  7. If needed, modify the Controller Pods Count.
  8. If needed, select Install Controller Pods on Control Plane and/or Install Node Pods on Control Plane.
  9. Enter the Namespace. The default value is csi-<array>.
  10. Click on Generate YAML.
  11. A manifest file, values.yaml will be generated and downloaded.
  12. A section Run the following commands to install will be displayed.
  13. Run the commands displayed to install Dell CSI Driver and Modules using the generated manifest file.

Install Helm Chart


NOTE: Ensure that the namespace and secrets are created before installing the Helm chart.

  1. Add the Dell Helm Charts repository.

    On your terminal, run each of the commands below:

    helm repo add dell https://dell.github.io/helm-charts
    helm repo update
  2. Copy the downloaded values.yaml file.

  3. Look over all the fields in the generated values.yaml and fill in/adjust any as needed.

  4. For the Observability module, please refer Observability to install the post installation dependencies.

  5. If Authorization is enabled , please refer to Authorization for the installation and configuration of the Proxy Server.

NOTE: Only the Authorization sidecar is enabled by the CSM Installation Wizard. The Proxy Server has to be installed and configured separately.

  1. If the Volume Snapshot feature is enabled, please refer to Volume Snapshot for PowerStore and Volume Snapshot for PowerMax to install the Volume Snapshot CRDs and the default snapshot controller.

NOTE: The CSM Installation Wizard generates values.yaml with the minimal inputs required to install the CSM. To configure additional parameters in values.yaml, please follow the steps outlined in PowerStore, PowerMax, PowerScale, PowerFlex, Unity XT, Observability, Replication, Resiliency.

  1. Install the Helm chart.

    On your terminal, run this command:

    helm install <release-name> dell/container-storage-modules -n <namespace> --version <container-storage-module chart-version> -f <values.yaml location>
    Example: helm install powerstore dell/container-storage-modules -n csi-powerstore --version 1.0.1 -f values.yaml

Release Notes

Release notes for CSM Installation Wizard