Dell CSI Operator

The Dell CSI Operator is no longer actively maintained or supported. It will be deprecated in CSM 1.9. It is highly recommended that you use CSM Operator going forward.

To upgrade Dell CSI Operator, perform the following steps. Dell CSI Operator can be upgraded based on the supported platforms in one of the 2 ways:

  1. Using script (for non-OLM based installation)
  2. Using Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM)

Using Installation Script

  1. Clone and checkout the required dell-csi-operator version using git clone -b v1.12.0
  2. cd dell-csi-operator
  3. Execute bash scripts/ --upgrade. This command will install the latest version of the operator.

Using OLM

The upgrade of the Dell CSI Operator is done via Operator Lifecycle Manager.

The Update approval (InstallPlan in OLM terms) strategy plays a role while upgrading dell-csi-operator on OpenShift. This option can be set during installation of dell-csi-operator on OpenShift via the console and can be either set to Manual or Automatic.

  • If the Update approval is set to Automatic, OpenShift automatically detects whenever the latest version of dell-csi-operator is available in the Operator hub, and upgrades it to the latest available version.
  • If the upgrade policy is set to Manual, OpenShift notifies of an available upgrade. This notification can be viewed by the user in the Installed Operators section of the OpenShift console. Clicking on the hyperlink to Approve the installation would trigger the dell-csi-operator upgrade process.

NOTE: The recommended version of OLM for Upstream Kubernetes is v0.18.3 when upgrading operator to v1.12.0.