Release notes

Dell Container Storage Modules (CSM) release notes for replication

Release Notes - CSM Replication 1.3.0

New Features/Changes

  • Added support for Kubernetes 1.24
  • Added support for OpenShift 4.10
  • Added volume upgrade/downgrade functionality for replication volumes

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed panic occuring when encountering PVC with empty StorageClass
  • PV and RG retention policy checks are no longer case sensitive
  • RG will now display EMPTY link state when no PV found
  • [PowerScale] Running reprotect action on source cluster after failover no longer puts RG into UNKNOWN state
  • [PowerScale] Deleting RG will break replication link before trying to delete group on array

Known Issues

Github ID Description
514 PowerScale: When creating a replicated PV in PowerScale, the replicated PV’s AzServiceIP property has the target PowerScale endpoint instead of the one defined in the target Storage class.
515 PowerScale: If you failover with an application still running and the volume mounted on the target site, then we cannot mount the PVC due to : “mount.nfs: Stale file handle”.
518 PowerScale: On CSM for Replication with PowerScale, after a repctl failover to a target cluster, the source directory has been removed from the PowerScale. The PersistentVolume Object is still present in Kubernetes.