Release notes

Dell Container Storage Modules (CSM) release notes for authorization

Release Notes - CSM Authorization 1.4.0

New Features/Changes

  • CSM 1.4 Release specific changes. (#350)
  • CSM Authorization insecure related entities are renamed to skipCertificateValidation. (#368)


  • PowerScale volumes unable to be created with Helm deployment of CSM Authorization. (#419)
  • Authorization CLI documentation does not mention –array-insecure flag when creating or updating storage systems. (#416)
  • Authorization: Add documentation for backing up and restoring redis data. (#410)
  • CSM Authorization doesn’t recognize storage with capital letters. (#398)
  • Update Authorization documentation with supported versions of k3s-selinux and container-selinux packages. (#393)
  • Using Authorization without dependency on jq. (#390)
  • Authorization Documentation Improvement. (#384)
  • Unit test failing for csm-authorization. (#382)
  • Karavictl has incorrect permissions after download. (#360)
  • Helm deployment of Authorization denies a valid request path from csi-powerflex. (#353)