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Release Notes - Container Storage Modules Operator v1.5.1

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Known Issues

Issue Workaround
When CSM Operator creates a deployment that includes secrets (e.g., application-mobility, observability, cert-manager, velero), these secrets are not deleted on uninstall and will be left behind. For example, the karavi-topology-tls, otel-collector-tls, and cert-manager-webhook-ca secrets will not be deleted. This should not cause any issues on the system, but all secrets present on the cluster can be found with kubectl get secrets -A, and any unwanted secrets can be deleted with kubectl delete secret -n <secret-namespace> <secret-name>
CSM Operator does not support dynamic namespaces for Authorization. Despite successful installation in a namespace other than “authorization”, errors may arise during volume creation. Use the default namespace “authorization” for installing Authorization using CSM Operator