CSM Modules

The CSM Operator can optionally enable modules that are supported by the specific Dell CSI driver. By default, the modules are disabled but they can be enabled by setting any pre-requisite configuration options for the given module and setting the enabled flag to true in the custom resource. The steps include:

  1. Deploy the Dell CSM Operator (if it is not already deployed). Please follow the instructions available here.
  2. Configure any pre-requisite for the desired module(s). See the specific module below for more information
  3. Follow the instructions here to install Dell CSI Drivers via the CSM Operator. The module section in the ContainerStorageModule CR should be updated to enable the desired module(s). There are sample manifests provided which can be edited to do an easy installation of the driver along with the module.


Installing Authorization via Dell CSM Operator


Installing Observability via Dell CSM Operator


Installing Replication via Dell CSM Operator


Installing Resiliency via Dell CSM Operator