Uninstall a CSI driver installed via Helm

To uninstall a driver, the csi-uninstall.sh script provides a handy wrapper around the helm utility. The only required argument for uninstallation is the namespace name. For example, to uninstall the driver:

./csi-uninstall.sh --namespace <driver-namespace>

For usage information:

./csi-uninstall.sh -h
Help for ./csi-uninstall.sh

Usage: ./csi-uninstall.sh options...
  --namespace[=]<namespace>  Kubernetes namespace to uninstall the CSI driver from
  --release[=]<helm release> Name to register with helm, default value will match the driver name
  -h                         Help

Uninstall a CSI driver installed via Dell CSM Operator

For uninstalling any CSI drivers deployed by the Dell CSM Operator, refer to instructions here