This section outlines the upgrade steps for Container Storage Modules (CSM) for Authorization. The upgrade of CSM for Authorization is handled in 2 parts:

  • Helm Chart Upgrade
  • Upgrading the Dell CSI drivers with CSM for Authorization enabled

Helm Chart Upgrade

  1. To upgrade an existing Helm installation of CSM for Authorization to the latest release, download the latest Helm charts.

    helm repo update
  2. Check if the latest Helm chart version is available:

    helm search repo dell
    NAME                            CHART VERSION   APP VERSION     DESCRIPTION
    dell/csm-authorization          1.10.0          1.10.0          CSM for Authorization is part of the [Container...
  3. Upgrade to the latest CSM for Authorization release:

    helm upgrade --version $latest_chart_version -f myvalues.yaml authorization dell/csm-authorization -n authorization

Upgrading Dell CSI Driver(s) with CSM for Authorization enabled

Given a setup where the CSM for Authorization proxy server is already upgraded to the latest version, follow the upgrade instructions for the applicable CSI Driver(s) to upgrade the driver and the CSM for Authorization sidecar