You can upgrade the CSI Driver for Dell PowerFlex using Helm or Dell CSM Operator.

Update Driver from v2.9.2 to v2.10.1 using Helm


  1. Run git clone -b v2.10.1 https://github.com/dell/csi-powerflex.git to clone the git repository and get the v2.10.1 driver.
  2. You need to create secret.yaml with the configuration of your system.
  3. Update myvalues file as needed.
  4. Run the csi-install script with the option --upgrade by running:
    cd ../dell-csi-helm-installer && ./csi-install.sh --namespace vxflexos --values ./myvalues.yaml --helm-charts-version csi-vxflexos-2.10.2 --upgrade


  • If you do not specify the --helm-charts-version flag, by default the csi-install.sh script will clone the version of the helm chart that is specified in the driver’s csi-install.sh file. If you wish to upgrade the driver using a different version of the helm chart, you need to include this flag. Also, remember to delete the helm-charts repository present in the csi-powerflex directory if it was cloned before.

  • If you are upgrading from a driver version that was installed using Helm v2, ensure that you install Helm3 before installing the driver.

  • To update any installation parameter after the driver has been installed, change the myvalues.yaml file and run the install script with the option --upgrade, for example:

    ./csi-install.sh --namespace vxflexos --values ./myvalues.yaml --helm-charts-version csi-vxflexos-2.10.2 --upgrade
  • The logging configuration from v1.5 will not work in v2.1, since the log configuration parameters are now set in the myvalues.yaml file located at dell-csi-helm-installer/myvalues.yaml. Please set the logging configuration parameters in the myvalues.yaml file.

  • You cannot upgrade between drivers with different fsGroupPolicies. To check the current driver’s fsGroupPolicy, use this command:

     kubectl describe csidriver csi-vxflexos.dellemc.com

    and check the “Spec” section:

      Attach Required:     true
      Fs Group Policy:     ReadWriteOnceWithFSType
      Pod Info On Mount:   true
      Requires Republish:  false
      Storage Capacity:    false

Upgrade using Dell CSM Operator:

Note: Upgrading the Operator does not upgrade the CSI Driver.

  1. Upgrade the Dell CSM Operator by following here
  2. Once the operator is upgraded, to upgrade the driver, refer here