This section outlines the uninstallation steps for Container Storage Modules (CSM) for Replication.

Uninstalling replication controller

To uninstall the replication controller, you can use the script located in the scripts folder:


This script will automatically detect how the current version was installed (repctl or Helm) and use the correct method to delete it.

You can also manually uninstall the replication controller using a method that depends on how you installed it.

If replication controller was installed using helm, use this command:

helm delete -n dell-replication-controller replication

If you used controller.yaml manifest with either kubectl or repctl, use this:

kubectl delete -f deploy/controller.yaml

To delete the replication group CRD, you can run the command:

kubectl delete crd

All replication groups should be deleted before deleting the replication group CRD.

NOTE: Be sure to run the chosen command on all clusters where you want to uninstall the replication controller/CRD.

Uninstalling the replication sidecar

To uninstall the replication sidecar, you need to uninstall the CSI Driver. Please view the uninstall page for the driver itself.