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Release notes for Dell Container Storage Modules Operator

Release Notes - Container Storage Modules Operator v1.4.4

New Features/Changes

Fixed Issues

Known Issues

Issue Workaround
The status field of a csm object as deployed by CSM Operator may, in limited cases, display an incorrect status for a deployment. As a workaround, the health of the deployment can be determined by checking the health of the pods.
When CSM Operator creates a deployment that includes secrets (e.g., application-mobility, observability, cert-manager, velero), these secrets are not deleted on uninstall and will be left behind. For example, the karavi-topology-tls, otel-collector-tls, and cert-manager-webhook-ca secrets will not be deleted. This should not cause any issues on the system, but all secrets present on the cluster can be found with kubectl get secrets -A, and any unwanted secrets can be deleted with kubectl delete secret -n <secret-namespace> <secret-name>
CSM Operator does not support dynamic namespaces for Authorization. Despite successful installation in a namespace other than “authorization”, errors may arise during volume creation. Use the default namespace “authorization” for installing Authorization using CSM Operator
The images of sideCars are currently missing in the sample YAMLs in the offline bundle. As a consequence, the csm-operator is pulling them from We recommend manually updating the images of sideCars in the sample YAML file, for example, storage_csm_powerflex_v291.yaml, before proceeding with the driver installation. Here is an example snippet for the sideCars section in the YAML file:
  # 'k8s' represents a string prepended to each volume created by the CSI driver
  - name: provisioner
    image: <localregistry>/csi-provisioner:v3.6.2
    args: ["--volume-name-prefix=k8s"]
  - name: attacher
    image: <localregistry>/csi-attacher:v4.4.2
  - name: registrar
    image: <localregistry>/csi-node-driver-registrar:v2.9.1
  - name: resizer
    image: <localregistry>/csi-resizer:v1.9.2
  - name: snapshotter
    image: <localregistry>/csi-snapshotter:v6.3.2

  # sdc-monitor is disabled by default, due to high CPU usage
  - name: sdc-monitor
    enabled: false
    image: <localregistry>/sdc:4.5
      - name: HOST_PID
        value: "1"
      - name: MDM
        value: "10.xx.xx.xx,10.xx.xx.xx" # Do not add mdm value here if it is present in secret

  # health monitor is disabled by default, refer to driver documentation before enabling it
  # Also set the env variable controller.envs.X_CSI_HEALTH_MONITOR_ENABLED to "true".
  - name: csi-external-health-monitor-controller
    enabled: false
    image: <localregistry>/csi-external-health-monitor-controller:v0.10.0
    args: ["--monitor-interval=60s"]