Deployment of CSM

The Container Storage Modules along with the required CSI Drivers can each be deployed using CSM operator.

Dell CSM Operator is a Kubernetes Operator, which can be used to install and manage the CSI Drivers and CSM Modules provided by Dell for various storage platforms. This operator is available as a community operator for upstream Kubernetes and can be deployed using The operator can be installed using OLM (Operator Lifecycle Manager) or manually. …More on installation instructions

The Container Storage Modules and the required CSI Drivers can each be deployed following the links below:

Dell CSI Helm installer installs the CSI Driver components using the provided Helm charts. …More on installation instructions

CSM Installation Wizard generates manifest files to install Dell CSI Drivers and supported modules. …More on installation instructions

Both Helm and Dell CSM operator supports offline installation of the Dell CSI Storage Providers via or script, respectively, by creating a usable package. …More on installation instructions

CSM for Observability can be deployed either via Helm/CSM operator/CSM for Observability Installer/CSM for Observability Offline Installer …More on installation instructions

CSM Authorization can be installed by using the provided Helm v3 charts on Kubernetes platforms or CSM operator. …More on installation instructions

CSI drivers that support Helm chart installation allow CSM for Resiliency to be optionally installed by variables in the chart. It can be updated via podmon block specified in the values.yaml. It can be installed via CSM operator as well. …More on installation instructions

Replication module can be installed by installing repctl,Container Storage Modules (CSM) for Replication Controller,CSI driver after enabling replication. It can be installed via CSM operator as well. …More on installation instructions

Application mobility module can be installed via helm charts. This is a tech preview release and it requires a license for installation. …More on installation instructions

Encryption can be optionally installed via the PowerScale CSI driver Helm chart. …More on installation instructions