CSM for Resiliency can be upgraded as part of the Dell CSI driver upgrade process. The drivers can be upgraded either by a helm chart or by the Dell CSI Operator. Currently, only Helm chart upgrade is supported for CSM for Resiliency.

For information on the PowerFlex CSI driver upgrade process, see PowerFlex CSI Driver.

For information on the Unity CSI driver upgrade process, see Unity CSI Driver.

Helm Chart Upgrade

To upgrade CSM for Resiliency with the driver, the following steps are required.

Note: These steps refer to the values file and csi-install.sh script that were used during initial installation of the Dell CSI driver.


  1. Update the podmon.image value in the values files to reference the new podmon image.
  2. Run the csi-install script with the option –upgrade by running: cd ../dell-csi-helm-installer && ./csi-install.sh --namespace vxflexos --values ./myvalues.yaml --upgrade.