Release Notes - CSI PowerMax v2.1.0

New Features/Changes

  • Added support for OpenShift v4.9.
  • Added support for CSI spec 1.5.
  • Added v2 suffix to the module names.
  • Added support for CSM Authorization sidecar via Helm

Fixed Issues

There are no fixed issues in this release.

Known Issues

Issue Workaround
Delete Volume fails with the error message: volume is part of masking view This issue is due to limitations in Unisphere and occurs when Unisphere is overloaded. Currently, there is no workaround for this but it can be avoided by ensuring that Unisphere is not overloaded during such operations. The Unisphere team is assessing a fix for this in a future Unisphere release
Getting initiators list fails with context deadline error The following error can occur during the driver installation if a large number of initiators are present on the array. There is no workaround for this but it can be avoided by deleting stale initiators on the array
Unable to update Host: A problem occurred modifying the host resource This issue occurs when the nodes do not have unique hostnames or when an IP address/FQDN with same sub-domains are used as hostnames. The workaround is to use unique hostnames or FQDN with unique sub-domains