COSI Driver

About Dell Technologies (Dell) COSI Driver

The COSI Driver by Dell implements an interface between COSI (spec v1alpha1) enabled Container Orchestrator and Dell Storage Arrays. It is a plug-in that is installed into Kubernetes to provide object storage using Dell storage systems.

Dell COSI Driver is a multi-backend driver, meaning that it can connect to multiple Object Storage Platform (OSP) Instances and provide access to them using the same COSI interface.

Features and capabilities

Supported Container Orchestrator Platforms

ℹ️ NOTE: during technical preview, no certification is performed. The platforms listed below were tested by developers using integration test suite.

Kubernetes 1.27
K3s 1.27

COSI Driver Capabilities

Features ObjectScale
Bucket Creation yes
Bucket Deletion yes
Bucket Access Granting yes
Bucket Access Revoking yes

Backend Storage Details

Protocol ObjectScale
AWS S3 yes
Azure Blob N/A

Supported Storage Platforms

Storage Platform Versions
ObjectScale 1.2.x

Bucket Lifecycle Workflow

  1. Create Bucket → Delete Bucket
  2. Create Bucket → Grant Access → Revoke Access → Delete Bucket


Methods to uninstall Dell COSI Driver


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Troubleshooting COSI Driver


Upgrading COSI Driver

Release Notes

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