Test Unity CSI Driver

In the repository, a simple test manifest exists that creates three different PersistentVolumeClaims using default NFS and iSCSI and FC storage classes and automatically mounts them to the pod.


  1. To run this test, run the kubectl command from the root directory of the repository:
    kubectl create -f ./test/sample.yaml

You can find all the created resources in test-unity namespace.

  1. Check if the pod is created and Ready and Running by running:

    kubectl get all -n test-unity

    If it is in CrashLoopback state then the driver installation was not successful. Check the logs of the node and the controller.

  2. Go into the created container and verify that everything is mounted correctly.

  3. After verifying, you can uninstall the testing PVCs and StatefulSet.

    kubectl delete -f ./test/sample.yaml