Dell Container Storage Modules (CSM) License

The tech-preview releases of Container Storage Modules for Application Mobility and Encryption require a license. This section details how to request a license.

Requesting a License

  1. Request a license using the Container Storage Modules License Request by providing these details:
  • Full Name: Full name of the person requesting the license
  • Email Address: The license will be emailed to this email address
  • Company / Organization: Company or organization where the license will be used
  • License Type: Select either Application Mobility or Encryption, depending on the CSM module that will be used with the license
  • List of kube-system namespace UIDs: The license will only function on the provided list of Kubernetes clusters. Find the UID of the kube-system namespace using kubectl get ns kube-system -o yaml or similar oc command. Provide as a comma separated list of UIDs.
  • (Optional) Send me a copy of my responses: A copy of the license request will be sent to the provided email address
  1. After submitting the form, a response will be provided within several business days with an attachment containing the license.
  2. Refer to the specific CSM module documentation for adding the license to the Kubernetes cluster.