You can upgrade CSI Driver for Dell EMC PowerMax using Helm or Dell CSI Operator.

Update Driver from v2.0 to v2.1 using Helm


  1. Run git clone -b v2.1.0 https://github.com/dell/csi-powermax.git to clone the git repository and get the v2.1 driver.
  2. Update the values file as needed.
  3. Run the csi-install script with the option --upgrade by running: cd ../dell-csi-helm-installer && ./csi-install.sh --namespace powermax --values ./my-powermax-settings.yaml --upgrade.


  • If you are upgrading from a driver version that was installed using Helm v2, ensure that you install Helm3 before installing the driver.
  • To update any installation parameter after the driver has been installed, change the my-powermax-settings.yaml file and run the install script with the option --upgrade, for example: ./csi-install.sh --namespace powermax --values ./my-powermax-settings.yaml –upgrade.

Upgrade using Dell CSI Operator:

  1. Clone the Dell CSI Operator repository.

  2. Execute bash scripts/install.sh --upgrade This command installs the latest version of the operator.

Note: Dell CSI Operator version 1.4.0 and later installs to the ‘dell-csi-operator’ namespace by default.

  1. To upgrade the driver, see here.