Symptoms Prevention, Resolution or Workaround
Warning about feature gates Double check that you have applied all the features to the indicated processes. Restart kubelet when remediated.
kubectl describe pod powermax-controller-<xyz> –n <namespace> indicates that the driver image could not be loaded You may need to put an insecure-registries entry in /etc/docker/daemon.json or log in to the docker registry
kubectl logs powermax-controller-<xyz> –n <namespace> driver logs show that the driver cannot authenticate Check your secret’s username and password
kubectl logs powermax-controller-<xyz> –n <namespace> driver logs show that the driver failed to connect to the U4P because it could not verify the certificates Check the powermax-certs secret and ensure it is not empty or it has the valid certificates
Driver install or upgrade fails because of an incompatible Kubernetes version, even though the version seems to be within the range of compatibility. For example: Error: UPGRADE FAILED: chart requires kubeVersion: >= 1.22.0 < 1.25.0 which is incompatible with Kubernetes V1.22.11-mirantis-1 If you are using an extended Kubernetes version, please see the helm Chart and use the alternate kubeVersion check that is provided in the comments. Please note that this is not meant to be used to enable the use of pre-release alpha and beta versions, which is not supported.
When a node goes down, the block volumes attached to the node cannot be attached to another node 1. Force delete the pod running on the node that went down
2. Delete the volumeattachment to the node that went down.
Now the volume can be attached to the new node.
When attempting a driver upgrade, you see: spec.fsGroupPolicy: Invalid value: "xxx": field is immutable You cannot upgrade between drivers with different fsGroupPolicies. See upgrade documentation for more details