The Redfish API works over REST, and hence it works the same over IPv4 or IPv6. In order to run this provider on an iDRAC over IPv6, all one needs to do is provide the IPv6 address in the endpoint.


resource "redfish_simple_update" "update" {
  for_each = var.rack1

  redfish_server {
    user         = "root"
    password     = "passw0rd"
    endpoint     = "https:://[2001:db8:a::123]"

  // The network protocols and image for firmware update
  transfer_protocol     = "HTTP"
  target_firmware_image = "/home/mikeletux/Downloads/BIOS_FXC54_WN64_1.15.0.EXE"
  // Reset parameters to be applied when upgrade is completed
  reset_type    = "ForceRestart"
  reset_timeout = 120 // If not set, by default will be 120s
  // The maximum amount of time to wait for the simple update job to be completed
  simple_update_job_timeout = 1200 // If not set, by default will be 1200s