powerscale_roleprivilege (Data Source)

This datasource is used to query the existing Role Privileges from PowerScale array. The information fetched from this datasource can be used for getting the details or for further processing in resource block. You can designate certain privileges as no permission, read, execute, or write when adding the privilege to a role.

Example Usage

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# This Terraform DataSource is used to query the details of existing role privileges from PowerScale array.

# Returns a list of PowerScale role privileges based on names in the filter block.
data "powerscale_roleprivilege" "test" {
  filter {
    #  Optional query parameters
    #  This will return the role privileges whose name contains the key word (case-insensitive)
    names = ["Shutdown"]

# Output value of above block by executing 'terraform output' command
# You can use the the fetched information by the variable data.powerscale_roleprivilege.test
output "powerscale_roleprivilege" {
  value = data.powerscale_roleprivilege.test

# Returns all PowerScale role privileges on PowerScale array
data "powerscale_roleprivilege" "all" {

# Output value of above block by executing 'terraform output' command
# You can use the the fetched information by the variable data.powerscale_roleprivilege.all
output "powerscale_roleprivilege_data_all" {
  value = data.powerscale_roleprivilege.all




  • id (String) Unique identifier of the Role Privilege instance.
  • role_privileges_details (Attributes List) List of Role Privileges. (see below for nested schema)

Nested Schema for filter


  • names (Set of String) Filter Role Privileges by names.

Nested Schema for role_privileges_details


  • category (String) Specifies the general categorization of the privilege.
  • description (String) Specifies a short description of the privilege.
  • id (String) Specifies the ID of the privilege.
  • name (String) Specifies the name of the privilege.
  • parent_id (String) Specifies the parent ID of the privilege.
  • permission (String) Permissions the privilege has r=read , x=read-execute, w=read-execute-write.
  • privilegelevel (String) Specifies the level of the privilege.
  • uri (String) Specifies the associated uri for the privilege.