powerscale_aclsettings (Data Source)

This datasource is used to query the ACL Settings from PowerScale array. The information fetched from this datasource can be used for getting the details or for further processing in resource block. You can use ACL Settings to manage file and directory permissions, referred to as access rights.

Example Usage

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# This Terraform DataSource is used to query the details of the ACL settings from PowerScale array.

# Returns the PowerScale ACL settings on PowerScale array
data "powerscale_aclsettings" "all" {

# Output value of above block by executing 'terraform output' command
# You can use the the fetched information by the variable data.powerscale_aclsettings.all
output "powerscale_aclsettings_data_all" {
  value = data.powerscale_aclsettings.all



  • access (String) Access checks (chmod, chown). Options: unix, windows
  • calcmode (String) Displayed mode bits. Options: approx, 777
  • calcmode_group (String) Approximate group mode bits when ACL exists. Options: group_aces, group_only
  • calcmode_owner (String) Approximate owner mode bits when ACL exists. Options: owner_aces, owner_only
  • calcmode_traverse (String) Require traverse rights in order to traverse directories with existing ACLs. Options: require, ignore
  • chmod (String) chmod on files with existing ACLs. Options: remove, replace, replace_users_and_groups, merge_with_ugo_priority, merge, deny, ignore
  • chmod_007 (String) chmod (007) on files with existing ACLs. Options: default, remove
  • chmod_inheritable (String) ACLs created on directories by UNIX chmod. Options: yes, no
  • chown (String) chown/chgrp on files with existing ACLs. Options: owner_group_and_acl, owner_group_only, ignore
  • create_over_smb (String) ACL creation over SMB. Options: allow, disallow
  • dos_attr (String) Read only DOS attribute. Options: deny_smb, deny_smb_and_nfs
  • group_owner_inheritance (String) Group owner inheritance. Options: native, parent, creator
  • rwx (String) Treatment of ‘rwx’ permissions. Options: retain, full_control
  • synthetic_denies (String) Synthetic ‘deny’ ACEs. Options: none, remove
  • utimes (String) Access check (utimes). Options: only_owner, owner_and_write