powerflex_node (Data Source)

This datasource is used to query the existing nodes from PowerFlex array. The information fetched from this datasource can be used for getting the details / for further processing in resource block.

Example Usage

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# commands to run this tf file : terraform init && terraform apply --auto-approve

# Get all node details present on the cluster
data "powerflex_node" "example1" {

# Get node details using node IDs
data "powerflex_node" "example2" {
  node_ids = ["Node_ID1", "Node_ID2"]

# Get node details using IP addresses
data "powerflex_node" "example3" {
  ip_addresses = ["IP1", "IP2"]

# Get node details using service tags
data "powerflex_node" "example4" {
  service_tags = ["Service_Tag1", "Service_Tag2"]

# Get node details using nodepool IDs
data "powerflex_node" "example5" {
  node_pool_ids = ["NodePool_ID1", "NodePool_ID2"]

# Get node details using nodepool names
data "powerflex_node" "example6" {
  node_pool_names = ["NodePool_Name1", "NodePool_Name2"]

output "node_result" {
  value = data.powerflex_node.example1.node_details

After the successful execution of above said block, we can see the output by executing terraform output command. Also, we can fetch information via the variable: data.powerflex_node.datasource_block_name.attribute_name where datasource_block_name is the name of the data source block and attribute_name is the attribute which user wants to fetch.



  • ip_addresses (Set of String) List of node IP addresses
  • node_ids (Set of String) List of node IDs
  • node_pool_ids (Set of Number) List of node pool IDs
  • node_pool_names (Set of String) List of node pool names
  • service_tags (Set of String) List of node service tags


Nested Schema for node_details


  • compliance (String) Node compliance.
  • compliance_check_date (String) Compliance check date.
  • cred_id (String) Cred ID.
  • current_ip_address (String) Current IP address of the node.
  • custom_firmware (Boolean) Custom firmware of the node.
  • device_group_list (Attributes) Device group list. (see below for nested schema)
  • device_type (String) Device type of the node.
  • discover_device_type (String) Discover device type of the node.
  • discovered_date (String) Discovered date of the node.
  • display_name (String) Display name of the node.
  • esxi_maint_mode (Number) ESXi maintenance mode.
  • facts (String) Facts of the node.
  • failures_count (Number) Failures count.
  • flex_os_maint_mode (Number) FLEX OS maintenance mode.
  • health (String) Health of the node.
  • health_message (String) Health message.
  • in_use (Boolean) Flag specifying if node is in use.
  • ip_address (String) IP address of the node.
  • managed_state (String) Managed state of the node.
  • manufacturer (String) Manufacturer of the node.
  • memory_in_gb (Number) Memory in GB.
  • model (String) Model of the node.
  • needs_attention (Boolean) Flag specifying if node needs attention.
  • nics (Number) NICs of the node.
  • number_of_cpus (Number) Number of CPUs of the node.
  • operating_system (String) Operating system of the node.
  • puppet_cert_name (String) Puppet cert name of the node.
  • ref_id (String) Reference ID of the node.
  • service_tag (String) Service tag of the node.
  • state (String) State of the node.
  • system_id (String) System ID.

Nested Schema for node_details.device_group_list


Nested Schema for node_details.device_group_list.device_group


  • created_by (String) User who created the group.
  • created_date (String) Creation date.
  • group_description (String) Group description.
  • group_name (String) Group name.
  • group_seq_id (Number) Group Sequence ID.
  • group_user_list (Attributes) Group user list. (see below for nested schema)
  • updated_by (String) User who updated the group.
  • updated_date (String) Updated date.

Nested Schema for node_details.device_group_list.device_group.updated_date


  • group_users (Attributes List) Group user information. (see below for nested schema)
  • total_records (Number) Total number of records.

Nested Schema for node_details.device_group_list.device_group.updated_date.group_users


  • enabled (Boolean) Enabled flag.
  • first_name (String) First name of the user.
  • last_name (String) Last name of the user.
  • user_name (String) User name.
  • user_seq_id (Number) User sequence ID.