Terraform Provider for RedFish

Contributor Covenant License

The Terraform Provider for RedFish allows data center and IT administrators to use Hashicorp Terraform to automate and orchestrate the provisioning and management of PowerEdge servers.

The Terraform Provider can be used to manage server power cycles, IDRAC attributes, BIOS attributes, virtual media, storage volumes, user support, and firmware updates on the server.

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The Terraform Provider for RedFish is released and licensed under the MPL-2.0 license. See LICENSE for the full terms.


Terraform Provider iDRAC9 Firmware Version OS Terraform Golang
v1.2.0 5.x

List of DataSources in Terraform Provider for RedFish

List of Resources in Terraform Provider for RedFish

Installation and execution of Terraform Provider for RedFish

The installation and execution steps of Terraform Provider for Dell RedFish can be found here.

Releasing, Maintenance and Deprecation

Terraform Provider for RedFish follows Semantic Versioning.

New versions will be release regularly if significant changes (bug fix or new feature) are made in the provider.

Released code versions are located on tags in the form of “vx.y.z” where x.y.z corresponds to the version number.


For more detailed information, please refer to Dell Terraform Providers Documentation.

Terraform Redfish Modules

Check the following links for the terraform-modules repository and registry Terraform Redfish Modules Github Terraform Redfish Modules Registry