powermax_port (Data Source)

Data source for reading ports in PowerMax array. A port typically refers to the interface that allows for connections between the PowerMax system and other devices.

Example Usage

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you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
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# This terraform DataSource is used to query the existing port from PowerMax array.
# The information fetched from this data source can be used for getting the details / for further processing in resource block.

# Returns all of the PowerMax ports and their details
data "powermax_port" "all" {
  # Optional Update the read timeout with (XXm) for minutes or (XXs) for timeout in seconds
  # If unset defaults to 2 minute timeout
  # timeouts = {
  #   read = "3m"
  # }

output "all" {
  value = data.powermax_port.all

# Returns a subset of the PowerMax ports based on the names provided in the `names` filter block and their details
# data "powermax_port" "portFilter" {
#   # Optional Update the read timeout with (XXm) for minutes or (XXs) for timeout in seconds
#   # If unset defaults to 2 minute timeout
#   # timeouts = {
#   #   read = "3m"
#   # }
#   # Optional list of names to filter upon
#   filter {
#     # Should be in the format ["directorId:portId"]
#     port_ids = ["OR-1C:2"]
#   }
# }

# output "portFilter" {
#   value = data.powermax_port.portFilter
# }

# After the successful execution of above said block, We can see the output value by executing 'terraform output' command.
# Also, we can use the fetched information by the variable data.powermax_port.example




Nested Schema for filter


  • port_ids (Set of String) A set of port ids to filter on, should be look like the following [‘directorId:portId’]

Nested Schema for timeouts


  • read (String) A string that can be parsed as a duration consisting of numbers and unit suffixes, such as “30s” or “2h45m”. Valid time units are “s” (seconds), “m” (minutes), “h” (hours).

Nested Schema for port_details


  • aclx (Boolean) Has aclx
  • avoid_reset_broadcast (Boolean) Avoid reset brodcast
  • capable_protocol (List of String) Capable Protocol
  • common_serial_number (Boolean) Common Serial Number
  • director_id (String) Id of the director
  • director_status (String) Director Status
  • disable_q_reset_on_ua (Boolean) Disable Q reset on ua
  • enable_auto_negotiate (Boolean) Enable Auto Negotiate
  • enabled_protocol (List of String) Enabled Protocol
  • environ_set (Boolean) Environ Set
  • hp_3000_mode (Boolean) HP 3000 mode
  • identifier (String) Port identifier
  • init_point_to_point (Boolean) Init point to point
  • ip_addresses (List of String) Ip Addresses
  • ipv4_address (String) Ipv4 Address
  • ipv4_default_gateway (String) Ipv4 Default Gateway
  • ipv4_domain_name (String) Ipv4 Domain Name
  • ipv4_netmask (String) Ipv4 Netmask
  • ipv6_address (String) Ipv6 Address
  • ipv6_prefix (String) Ipv6 Prefix
  • iscsi_endpoint (Boolean) iScsi Endpoint
  • iscsi_target (Boolean) iScsi Target
  • mac_address (String) Mac Address
  • maskingview (List of String) Masking Views
  • max_speed (String) Max Speed
  • negotiate_reset (Boolean) Negotiate reset
  • negotiated_speed (String) Negotiated speed
  • network_id (Number) Network Id
  • no_participating (Boolean) No Participating
  • num_of_cores (Number) Total number of cors
  • num_of_hypers (Number) TX Power Level MW
  • num_of_mapped_vols (Number) Total number of volumes
  • num_of_masking_views (Number) Total number of masking views
  • num_of_port_groups (Number) Total number of port groups
  • nvmetcp_endpoint (Boolean) NVME over TCP Endpoint
  • port_id (String) Id of the port
  • port_interface (String) Port Interface
  • port_status (String) Port Status
  • portgroup (List of String) Portgroup
  • power_levels_last_sampled_date_milliseconds (Number) Power Levels Last Sampled Date in Milliseconds
  • prevent_automatic_rdf_link_recovery (String) Prevent automatic rdf link recovery
  • prevent_ra_online_on_power_up (String) Prevent RA Online on Power Up
  • rdf_hardware_compression (String) RDF Hardware Compression
  • rdf_hardware_compression_supported (String) RDF Hardware Compression Supported
  • rdf_ra_group_attributes_farpoint (Boolean) RDF RA group attributes farpoint
  • rdf_software_compression (String) RDF Software Compression
  • rdf_software_compression_supported (String) RDF Software Compression Suppored
  • rx_power_level_mw (Number) RX Power Level MW
  • scsi_3 (Boolean) SCSI 3
  • scsi_support1 (Boolean) SCSI support 1
  • siemens (Boolean) Siemens
  • soft_reset (Boolean) Soft reset
  • spc2_protocol_version (Boolean) SPC2 Protocol Version
  • sunapee (Boolean) Sunapee
  • tcp_port (Number) TPC Port
  • tx_power_level_mw (Number) TX Power Level MW
  • type (String) Port Type
  • unique_wwn (Boolean) Unique WWN
  • vcm_state (String) VMC State
  • vnx_attached (Boolean) VNX Attached
  • volume_set_addressing (Boolean) Volume Set Addressing
  • wwn_node (String) WWN Node
  • z_hyperlink_port (Boolean) Z Hyperlink Port