powerstore_snapshotrule (Data Source)

SnapshotRule DataSource

Note: Only one of name or id can be provided at a time.

Example Usage

# commands to run this tf file : terraform init && terraform apply --auto-approve
# This datasource reads Snapshot Rules either by id or name where user can provide a value to any one of them
# If it is a empty datsource block , then it will read all the Snapshot Rules
# If id or name is provided then it reads a particular Snapshot Rule with that id or name
# Only one of the attribute can be provided among id and  name 

data "powerstore_snapshotrule" "test1" {
  name = "test_snapshotrule_1"

output "snapshotRule" {
  value = data.powerstore_snapshotrule.test1.snapshot_rules



  • id (String) Unique identifier of the snapshot rule instance. Conflicts with name.
  • name (String) Name of the snapshot rule. Conflicts with id.


Nested Schema for snapshot_rules


  • days_of_week (List of String) The days of the week when the snapshot rule should be applied.


  • days_of_week_l10n (List of String) Localized message array corresponding to days_of_week
  • desired_retention (Number) The Desired snapshot retention period in hours to retain snapshots for this time period.
  • id (String) The ID of the snapshot rule.
  • interval (String) The interval of the snapshot rule.
  • interval_l10n (String) Localized message string corresponding to interval
  • is_read_only (Boolean) Indicates whether this snapshot rule can be modified.
  • is_replica (Boolean) Indicates whether this is a replica of a snapshot rule on a remote system.
  • managed_by (String) The entity that owns and manages the instance.
  • managed_by_id (String) The unique id of the managing entity.
  • managed_by_l10n (String) Localized message string corresponding to managed_by.
  • name (String) Name of the snapshot rule.
  • nas_access_type (String) The NAS filesystem snapshot access method for snapshot rule.
  • nas_access_type_l10n (String) Localized message string corresponding to nas_access_type.
  • policies (Attributes List) List of the protection policies that are associated with the snapshot_rule.. (see below for nested schema)
  • time_of_day (String) The time of the day to take a daily snapshot, with format hh:mm.
  • timezone (String) The time zone identifier for applying the time zone to the time_of_day for a snapshot rule.
  • timezone_l10n (String) Localized message string corresponding to timezone.

Nested Schema for snapshot_rules.policies


  • description (String) Description of the protection policy.
  • id (String) Unique identifier of the protection policy.
  • name (String) Name of the protection policy.