Detailed Documentations for PowerMax Resources

powermax_host resource

Resource for managing Host in PowerMax array. PowerMax hosts systems are storage hosts that use storage system logical unit number (LUN) resources. A LUN is an identifier that is used for labeling and designating subsystems of physical or virtual storage

powermax_hostgroup resource

Resource for managing HostGroups for a PowerMax Array. PowerMax host groups are groups of PowerMax Hosts. see the host example for more information on hosts.

powermax_maskingview resource

Resource for managing MaskingViews in PowerMax array. PowerMax masking views are a container of a storage group, a port group, and an initiator group, and makes the storage group visible to the host. Devices are masked and mapped automatically. The groups must contain some device entries.

powermax_portgroup resource

Resource for managing PortGroups in PowerMax array. PowerMax port groups contain director and port identification and belong to a masking view. Ports can be added to and removed from the port group. Port groups that are no longer associated with a masking view can be deleted. Note the following recommendations: Port groups should contain four or more ports. Each port in a port group should be on a different director. A port can belong to more than one port group. However, for storage systems running HYPERMAX OS 5977 or higher, you cannot mix different types of ports (physical FC ports, virtual ports, and iSCSI virtual ports) within a single port group

powermax_snapshot resource

Resource for managing Snapshots in PowerMax array. PowerMax Snaphots is a local replication solution that is designed to nondisruptively create point-in-time copies (snapshots) of critical data.

powermax_snapshotpolicy resource

Resource for a specific Snapshot Policy in PowerMax array. PowerMax snapshot policy feature provides snapshot orchestration at scale (1,024 snaps per storage group). The resource simplifies snapshot management for standard and cloud snapshots.

powermax_storagegroup resource

Resource for managing StorageGroups in PowerMax array. PowerMax storage groups are a collection of devices that are stored on the array. An application, a server, or a collection of servers use them.

powermax_volume resource

Resource for managing Volumes in PowerMax array. PowerMax volumes is an identifiable unit of data storage. Storage groups are sets of volumes.