powermax_snapshot (Data Source)

Data source for a specific StorageGroup Snapshots in PowerMax array. PowerMax Snaphots is a local replication solution that is designed to nondisruptively create point-in-time copies (snapshots) of critical data.

Example Usage

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# This terraform DataSource is used to query the existing snapshot from PowerMax array.
# The information fetched from this data source can be used for getting the details / for further processing in resource block.

# Returns all of the PowerMax snapshots related to a particular storage group and their details
data "powermax_snapshot" "test" {
  # The storage group name to which display all of its snapshots
  # Required
  storage_group {
    name = "example_storage_group"

  # Optional Update the read timeout with (XXm) for minutes or (XXs) for timeout in seconds
  # If unset defaults to 2 minute timeout
  # timeouts = {
  #   read = "3m"
  # }

output "powermax_snapshot" {
  value = data.powermax_snapshot.test

# After the successful execution of above said block, We can see the output value by executing 'terraform output' command.
# Also, we can use the fetched information by the variable data.powermax_snapshot.example




Nested Schema for storage_group


  • name (String)

Nested Schema for timeouts


  • read (String) A string that can be parsed as a duration consisting of numbers and unit suffixes, such as “30s” or “2h45m”. Valid time units are “s” (seconds), “m” (minutes), “h” (hours).

Nested Schema for snapshots


  • generation (Number) Number of generation for the snapshot
  • linked_storage_group (Attributes List) Linked storage group and volume information. Only populated if the generation is linked (see below for nested schema)
  • non_shared_tracks (Number) The number of tracks uniquely allocated for this snapshots delta. This is an approximate indication of the number of tracks that will be returned to the SRP if this snapshot is terminated.
  • num_source_volumes (Number) The number of source volumes in the snapshot generation
  • persistent (Boolean) Set if this snapshot is persistent. Only applicable to policy based snapshots
  • secure_expiry_date (String) When the snapshot will expire once it is not linked
  • snapid (Number) Unique Snap ID for Snapshot
  • time_to_live_expiry_date (String) When the snapshot will expire once it is not linked
  • tracks (Number) The number of source tracks that have been overwritten by the host


  • expired (Boolean) Set if this generation secure has expired
  • linked (Boolean) Set if this generation is SnapVX linked
  • linked_storage_group_names (List of String) Linked storage group names. Only populated if the generation is linked
  • name (String) Name of a snapshot
  • num_storage_group_volumes (Number) The number of non-gatekeeper storage group volumes
  • restored (Boolean) Set if this generation is SnapVX linked
  • source_volume (Attributes List) The source volumes of the snapshot generation (see below for nested schema)
  • state (List of String) The state of the snapshot generation
  • timestamp (String) Timestamp of the snapshot generation
  • timestamp_utc (String) The timestamp of the snapshot generation in milliseconds since 1970

Nested Schema for snapshots.linked_storage_group


  • background_define_in_progress (Boolean) When the snapshot link is being defined
  • defined (Boolean) When the snapshot link has been fully defined


  • linked_creation_timestamp (String) The average timestamp of all linked volumes that are linked
  • linked_volume_name (String) The linked volumes name
  • name (String) The storage group name
  • percentage_copied (Number) Percentage of tracks copied
  • source_volume_name (String) The source volumes name
  • track_size (Number) Size of the tracks.
  • tracks (Number) Number of tracks

Nested Schema for snapshots.source_volume


  • capacity (Number) The capacity of the snapshot volume in cylinders
  • capacity_gb (Number) The capacity of the snapshot volume in GB
  • name (String) The name of the SnapVX snapshot generation source volume